Basketball may be the best sport at MACES


Mohamad Saleh, Reporter

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in high schools around the country. This sport consists of five players from each team on the court at the same time. There are four quarters with eight minutes each.


¨I am excited about this upcoming season. I also feel like we can do big things,¨ Gabriel Dominguez, a junior, Shooting Guard, and the Sports editor for the Wolfpack Times, said. The boy’s basketball team made the playoffs last year and fought hard but did not execute. ¨Our team is hardworking, no drama, all love.¨ Gabriel Dominguez said. He has confidence in his team and knows they can win it all this year.


¨I believe that if we work hard and put in work every single day, no one can stop us,¨ Basketball player and Managing editor for the Wolfpack Times Emily Mojica said. She sees the work that her teammates and herself put in every day because they are determined and furious to win the championship. ¨ We lost in the semi-finals last year, and I know that we are going to be unstoppable and win it all,¨ Emily Mojica said.


¨I love them, I love all Wolfpack teams because we have amazing students/athletes,¨ Assistant Principal Jose Meza said. The fans I encountered had nice and encouraging words to say about the team and their work ethic. ¨I am Excited to see them grow and build on the success from last year,¨ Jose Meza said. The confidence that he has in these girls is through the roof. ¨I love the hard work on and off the court, it epitomizes what a MACES student-athlete is,¨ Jose Meza said.