The Wolfpack’s #1 Fan


Daniella Hernandez, Editor In Chief of Design

The Wolfpack’s unofficial cheerleader is Ms. Shannon. Despite her being part of the custodial faculty, she manages to have one of the brightest and most positive personalities.

“She left everything… all her spirit with me,” Shannon said. She explains that her positivity comes from her mother’s support for her. Shannon’s mother was just like her; same charisma and joy. Shannon is the person she is because of her mother. 

Shannon goes on the explain that she values her job because she loves to see the smiles on students’ faces.  Even so, She understands that some kids have issues outside school, so she makes it her job to always be supportive to all students, regardless if she knows them or not. She wants students to know that they are never alone in the challenges that life throws at them, and there are always people that care about you, even if you do not know it. “Hello, means so much.”

Ms. Shannon [works] with that little extra sugar, that little extra flavor to it

— Mr. Duran

“Ms. Shannon [works] with that little extra sugar, that little extra flavor to it,”Mr. Duran, the principal, said. He believes that Ms. Shannon is an individual who is abundant with joy. He goes to explain that there are staff and faculty who are, of course, polite and respectful, but Ms. Shannon goes out of her way to make students feel appreciated. He also said she laughs, because she is genuinely happy, and she cleans because she is simply that generous.

“As soon as she walks in, you can hear her right away. ‘Alright babies’ is her favorite [thing to say],” Mr. Gomez, the sports director and Boys’ and Girls’ Volleyball coach, said. Gomez explains that at sports games, Shannon is always the loudest person in the stands. Despite some teams not winning their matches, she maintains an extremely positive personality and continues to motivate the students. He goes on to say that she has excellent sportsmanship; she encourages both teams to play to their best potential.

“You can be far away, and she’ll still scream out ‘Hey baby’, you know, her usual,” Leslie Quintana, a junior and Girls’ Varsity Basketball player, said. Quintana said Shannon’s presence is “essential” at sports games because of her ability to lift spirits and motivate everybody. She adds that despite not being able to pay attention to the crowd in games, she is the one individual who is recognizable regardless of the tension on the court.

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