The problems of a long lunch line


Gustavo Morales, Online Editor

Long lunch lines in schools are not uncommon as many kids eat the food that the school provides for them. It is a problem that should be acknowledged by schools. Many students often encounter long lines when trying to get food which can ruin the lunch experience. They are sometimes not even able to eat because of the length.

“By the time you get lunch, there is normally less than 10 minutes,” Andrew Herd, a junior at MACES said. There are only around 30 minutes that the students get for lunch. Since the lines take so long according to this student, they have to rush their lunch because of how much time they will lose sitting in lines for food. 

“The length discourages me from eating,” Herd said. This is a huge problem that often occurs to many students when trying to get lunch. If the length makes students not have lunch, it could result in serious health problems because the students aren’t eating which is an important part of one’s physical health. It is a serious issue that the school should definitely do something about.

“I have to wait for the lines to end/finish and sometimes there is no more food left,” said Steven Hernandez, another junior at MACES. As a result of the length, when a student finally gets over the line, the food sometimes runs out and nothing is left. Not only did the students waste a majority of their lunch in the line, but they also had to leave without food. This could be really annoying and it is important for schools to think about changing some things about how the lunch system works.

“I’m not even able to enjoy lunch because of all the time we lost because of it” Herd said. Lunch is the time where a student is supposed to have a break from their rigorous classes that challenge them every day. If the students have to waste the majority of their time, and they’re left with very little, then it could make lunch less enjoyable. It is important to have an enjoyable lunch, because it is practically a student’s only break during the day. Something should be done about the length of the lines.