*SPOILER ALERT* Maleficent: Mistress of Evil – The Plot


Cindy Soto, JV Howler Reporter

     The woman who dresses in black, described as “evil” is back. She has dark, feathery wings with defined horns on the top of her head.  However, is she really “evil”? According to the citizens of Ulstead, she is known as the “killer of men.” When she impacts both kingdoms of Moors and Ulstead, will she still be considered a bad guy? 

At the beginning of the movie, we are introduced to Prince Philip proposing to Aurora in the kingdom of Moors, where she is queen. As all the fairies gather around the couple, Diaval overhears this and decides to inform Maleficent about it. After telling Maleficent, she goes to talk to Aurora about the news, unhappy about it. In the end, Maleficent finds out that she is invited to dinner with the king and queen of Ulstead. 

As the movie progresses, the action starts to rise during the dinner with the king and queen. Queen Ingrith attempts to provoke Maleficent by giving her iron which can kill her, mentioning the curse she had put on Aurora, and accusing her of killing men that had went into Moors at night in which they did not return. Maleficent then loses her temper and seemingly curses King John into an eternal slumber. She flies off without Aurora, leaving her in Ulstead because she believed that she turned on her. Queen Ingrith’s servant Gerda, injures Maleficent as she tries flying off. She falls into the ocean as a mysterious creature with wings saves her.

The climax of the movie results in Maleficent waking up in a series of caverns where she finds winged, horned fairies that look like her and she learns that they are in conflict between creating a war with Ulstead or making peace with them. In Ulstead, Aurora learns that Queen Ingrith framed Maleficent to have people on her side and to have a war with the fairies of Moors. The citizens from both the kingdoms of Ulstead and Moors, ready for war. Fairies attack the guards and Queen Ingrith, the war has begun. Sadly, some fairies died due to the deadly weapons the guards of Ulstead had. 

During the war, Prince Philip saves one of the winged, horned fairies and explains that he wants peace between both kingdoms. Maleficent saves Aurora from Ingrith and slowly fades away in front of Aurora while she cries. However, in a moment of a few seconds, Maleficent revives back into a phoenix and saves Aurora once again from plummeting to her death. 

Maleficent transforms back into her normal self and instead of killing Queen Ingrith, she turns her into a goat. She also agrees to the wedding of Prince Philip and Aurora and during the wedding, King Philip wakes up from the curse that Queen Ingrith had put on him. Finally, in the end, both kingdoms of Moors and Ulstead came together and lived happily ever after. “I liked the movie because there was a lot of action and funny scenes,” Maite Luna stated. Her favorite part of the movie was the dinner part where Maleficent was invited because it was a funny scene to her and in her opinion, she believes that the blue fairy should not have died. Conall was her favorite character because he sacrificed himself to be able to save Maleficent. Parts that made Maite emotional were, “When I thought Maleficent, the blue fairy, and Conall died.”