New Assistants in the College Center Help High School Students


Daniella Hernandez, Editor In Chief of Design

For upperclassmen, applications for college, scholarships, and financial aid are always around the corner, but the college center recently added new faces to assist students through these challenging college endeavors. 

“More students are coming by… as a counselor assistant, I realized that I needed to take the initiative to get to know the students… we make it like a welcoming… zone for the students…” Daisy Rodriguez, a college center aid and former TA said. Rodriguez’s responsibilities consist of organizing college-bound events, helping students with college applications, and making students feel comfortable. She said that in order to have a successful college application, students must reflect on their past to write great personal statements. She advises high schoolers to take advantage of AP classes to better prepare for the rigorous college courses, and talk to college counselors before or after school. 

“The interns have been taking their time to [help students] and [students] should try to take advantage of them… to help them succeed in college applications… they’re basically there the whole day…” senior, Hassan Saleh said. He believes it is important that high schoolers take advantage of the college center because other schools are not as fortunate to have one. He appreciated the interns’ hard work because they take the time to guide students through transcripts and essays, whether it be before or after school. Along with the easy accessibility, Saleh enjoys the peaceful environment the college center offers students. 

“[The interns] have different experiences and they could tell you about their experiences,’’ senior, Samara Mercado said. Mercado believes that incoming seniors should not wait to prepare themselves for upcoming deadlines and events. She wants students to start college applications early and get good grades. Mercado believes that the college center’s assistance is preparing her for her future career. Whenever she has questions about her future endeavors, she simply seeks guidance from the new aids. 

“In our communities, we don’t have the privilege of certain passed down networks and supports,” new intern, Roxanna Preciado said. She said college guidance is significant in our school community because it pushes for real-life preparation for future careers. She encourages the exposure of marketable careers that students should take into consideration. She said her assistance guides high schoolers through their college applications and personal statements. She contributes to the collaborative intertwined support system that the college center has to offer. Preciado wants students to take advantage of the college fairs and representatives to help them through their future endeavors.