Students Complain About Unfair Deadlines


Leslie Chang, Reporter

Many teachers assign work to be completed within a certain deadline, but many times they fail to grade these assignments in a timely manner.  Students have become bothered by this and believe it is unfair. Most students complain that teachers should not assign deadlines if they do not plan to grade it within at least two weeks. Some teachers, however, say that it is unfair but students can communicate with them if they need an extension on the deadline.  

Students have expressed that teachers shouldn’t be able to put deadlines on schoolwork if they are not going to grade it within a certain amount of time. “I believe teachers shouldn’t be able to do this. They might as well give us more time,” Kellie Mena, a sixth-grader, said. Mena believes if the teachers are going to input the grade late, they should at least extend the due date.

 “ What is the point of having a deadline if they can’t have our grades updated as soon as possible?” Belen Meza, a junior, said.

When teachers don’t grade work on time, students feel upset. “I feel frustrated and mad because I could have had more time to make [adjustments] and have more details,” Erick Aranda, a sixth-grader, said.

Some students said they wish their teacher would input grades sooner, so they get to see what they need to improve on to raise them up. “A teacher last semester assigned us a project and took two weeks to grade it. I wish I could have had more time, and I could have gotten feedback sooner,” Jesus Garibay, a senior said. 

Some teachers have listened to the concerns and wishes of these students, and understand how they feel. They hope that in the future, they could improve on these issues with some communication. “I am definitely guilty of this. I understand students feel this way, but they just need to communicate with their teachers if they need more time. I think it is only unfair if teachers do this daily, “ Ms. Flores, an English teacher said.