Gift Buying on a Budget


Ashley Ramirez , Reporter

The holiday season is the most stressful. There’s no doubt about it. Figuring out what to buy family and friends for Christmas can be a lot to handle, especially while on a budget. Let this be a guide to a not so stressful holiday season.

For starters, a gift idea for family and friends is a “Jolly Basket”. A question that may come up is, “ What in the world is a Jolly Basket!?” To answer that question, a “Jolly Basket” is a festive basket filled with a  friend’s favorite things. It can be filled with candy, chips, holiday goodies, and maybe even a gift card for their favorite restaurant or clothing company. Cute little fuzzy socks would be perfect for girl friends. They’ll go crazy for them! Add a letter for a little personal touch, and that’s bound to warm their hearts. Festive baskets can be purchased and filled with items found in the 99¢ Store and at any dollar store. 

A really nice and simple gift idea to give to friends before winter break is a stocking filled with small little goodies. Buy a plain stocking that can be bought from the dollar store and some glitter paint or foam stickers to customize the outside of the stocking for your friend. There are also stockings with designs on them which could save some time, if it’s a last-minute thing. Good stocking stuffers could be snacks, little toys, gift cards, money, scrunchies, hair clips, beanies, earrings, funny or cute socks, lip gloss/lip balm, and face masks. What ends up inside the stocking is inspired by the gift receiver. Adding a holiday card could really spice it up and make it more heartfelt. 

The final budget-friendly gift idea is a mug filled with goodies. The mug could include chocolate or candy canes. Placing a Starbucks gift card -or to their favorite coffee joint inside the mug would perfect this gift. Put whatever fits in the mug. Tie a little tag to the handle and write their name on it to make it more personal. 

There are good affordable mugs, stockings, and other holiday goodies to be found at the dollar store and the 99¢ store. If all else fails, there is one final gift idea that could save the day! A cute holiday card with a handwritten letter inside accompanied by a gift card or money could be the way to go.

Happy Holidays from the Wolfpack Times press. Have a stress free holiday season!