Students Complain About Too Much Homework

Gustavo Morales , Online Editor

Many students face the problem of feeling stressed as a result of the amount of work they receive. So much so that sometimes, a student can’t deal with the workload in its entirety. Students often feel this way not necessarily because of all the homework they get, but because of all the classes they have which results in lots of homework from multiple classes.

“Sometimes teachers forget that students have other classes, so the amount of homework assigned can be overwhelming,”  Ms.Navarro, a science teacher said. Even teachers can agree that homework can be a struggle to complete for students. Teachers pile them up with homework without regard to their other classes.

“I feel very stressed as a result of all the homework I receive from all my classes,” Diego Toscano, a junior, said. Students can feel like they are having a hard time trying to complete assignments and they simply don’t have enough time to finish the amount they receive from the teachers.

Teachers are sometimes disappointed in students when they aren’t able to finish all their work. However, what they sometimes forget is the other things a student has to do. It can be especially difficult for athletes. They get home very late from their practices and games, and have to finish everything they can before they go to bed. About 15% of teens have less than two hours of sleep because of homework, which could negatively impact their physical and mental health, since growing teens need the most sleep they can get,  according to the article Homework vs. Sleep: A Cause of Stress in Teens (And Younger Kids)” by Craig Canapari.


“The amount of homework just feels overwhelming,” said sixth grader, Brandon Gomez. Every student goes through the trouble of having to deal with a lot of homework. It is hard for any kid at any age to be able to balance out their life with all the amounts of homework that they are receiving. It is detrimental for a student to feel this way because they aren’t able to work properly because of the feeling of stress they might get from too much homework.