The Beauty of Thanksgiving


Mohamad Saleh, Reporter

Thanksgiving is a special holiday. Some people say that it brings their family together and others say that it allows them to spend time with loved ones. Thanksgiving can mean the world    to some people as well because it brings them closer to their loved ones during this time of the year.

“Thanksgiving break is good for me because I get to get errands done” Ms. Perfecto, Chemistry and Physics teacher said. During the Thanksgiving break, “many teachers find themselves resting and catching up on the things they’ve been meaning to do. “I grade, cook, and spend time with my friends and family,” Perfecto said. 

Aside from Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping is another day that people look forward to. “During the break, I also go Black Friday shopping with my family,” Henry Marroquin, a senior and soccer player, said. With some time off from school, students can do many such as relaxing, studying, catch up on errands, and sleep. “I have basketball practice and I am also going to practice on my craft at home” Luis Lopez, a junior and basketball player said.


A week away from school can be really helpful for students who need a break. Some people need time with their family as well as some alone time. Students and teachers are both thankful for the break. “I spend time with the people who care about me because that means a lot to me,” Henry Marroquin, a senior and soccer player said. 


As students come back from the week break, they have gotten more sleep, finished errands, etc. “This break is really convenient because college applications are due and I need more rest and more time because I am busy with school already” Hassan Saleh, a senior and basketball player said. Seniors who already are busy with school finish their college applications over the break because some people are already busy with school and some are apart of sports as well.