Running on the Track Field


Leslie Chang

New Beginnings? MACES students practicing for new track and field team.

Leslie Chang, Reporter

Students now have the opportunity to join Track and Field. This sport is more than just running. It includes jumps, hurdles, long-distance, shot put, and sprints. Joining is a great opportunity for students to meet new people. 

Students and members from the cross country team have been requesting Track and Field for a while now. “I’m glad we [are] now able to have Track and Field at our school to improve our running for cross season next year,” Angel Garcia, a junior, said.

Opening up this new sport has put new goals in runner’s and coaches’ minds. “My goal is to increase my speed,” Jasmine Duenas, a freshman, said. Coaches have many goals for Track and Field that include more than just winning. “I first want to create a team, and I hope athletes understand how Track and Field works and feel comfortable with this sport,” Mr. Marquez, an English teacher, and the cross- country coach said. 

Practices will be held every day after school and will range from an hour to an hour and a half. Interested students should bring their physical paperwork, a copy of your emergency and insurance card, running shoes, comfortable clothes, water, and a positive attitude. Mr. Marquez and Mr. Turner will be coaching this sport. One fun fact is that Mr. Marquez actually joined Track and Field during his time in high school.

Track and Field will be in the same league as Bell, Huntington Park, and South Gate High School. Therefore, MACES will be competing against them. Unfortunately, other surrounding schools don’t have this sport, so our school being the first is a good start.