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A DIFFERENT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP-As the one year mark of living with Covid-19 comes near, Valentines Day is coming to pass. The question has to be asked, how have students and their relationships been affected by the pandemic? “Normally a relationship is like hanging out with your close friend all the time. However now it’s sanitizing your hands and keeping your distance ...” Victor Moreneo, a senior, said.
Risky Relationships
Andres Flores, Features Editor • February 14, 2021
WORKING DURING A PANDEMIC- The pandemic has been an opportunity for students to attain their first jobs. Yet, while also learning the value of hard work, students must follow safety precautions to slow the spread of Covid-19. “My work environment is different because we only allow 3 customers in the building at a time, there is a plexiglass sheet in between me and the customers, and we need to have masks and gloves at all times,” cashier, Kenneth Lara, said.
Adapting the Work Environment During a Pandemic
Leslie Quintana, Social Media Editor • February 11, 2021
ADMITTED TO A TOP 40 SCHOOL- Melissa Ponce, the Wolfpack Times’ Editor-in-Chief of Design, recently received her acceptance letter from Brown University. Given that the school has, on average, a 7 percent acceptance rate, Brown has been deemed highly-selective time-and-time again. “When I saw the banner that said ‘Welcome to Brown,’ I was in shock. It took me a few seconds to realize that I got in,” Ponce said.
Melissa Ponce: a First-Generation Brown University Admit
Daniella Hernandez, Editor-in-Chief of Content • January 29, 2021
Whenever a person is sick, they often feel horrible and it is hard for them to do daily actions, "It was hard waking up in the morning" said Gustavo
My Experience with COVID-19
Gustavo Morales, Online Editor • December 31, 2020
Mr. Dhall, the new social studies teacher, makes the environment in Zoom meetings fun and energetic. He provides new perspectives and insight despite the barriers of online learning. “Distance learning is restrictive, but he overcomes it to the best of his abilities. Mr. Dhall’s classes are not a bore to be in. Plus, he
Mr. Dhall: The Furthest from Dull
Kelly M. Avila, Opinion Editor • December 28, 2020
Downtown, Los Angeles, with a beautiful background of the snowy mountains.
A Break that was Needed
Mohamad Saleh, Reporter • December 23, 2020