Are Tests Important?


Steven Hernandez, Reporter

Everyone has taken a test before in their life. It doesn’t matter when or where, but test are used for everyday life. Where the testing really matters, however, is in high school, since that’s where colleges really look through students’ transcripts. In order to enter some of the highest prestigious schools, some amazing test scores are needed and can even save money by taking college classes reducing college tuition. By passing tests for advanced classes, students will benefit by taking fewer classes in college and lowering their college tuition.

Kim Perfecto, a physics teacher, said, “My friend had a low GPA but passed the SAT with high scores and colleges picked her up.” The SAT is one of the most important tests because it allows colleges to analyze the student’s readiness through the years in high school, so having a low GPA  matters less if students pass the SAT with high scores. Luckily, there are resources available to help students study for such tests.

Wendy Caldera, a junior, athlete, and National Honor Society Member said “It depends whether a person wants to go [study]. If they are applying to a very competitive university, then yes,  getting good test scores are important. However, school isn’t for everyone and there are people who don’t have amazing scores that are living good lives.” Caldera is referring to celebrities such as Bill Gates, who was a student at Harvard, but dropped out two years later and ended up making millions. He did not go back to college and is currently living successfully with his family. He left the school exams behind and became one of the wealthiest people in the country.

Michelle Lopez, a junior, Cheer Captain, and Leadership Member, said, “From a young age I valued school and actually enjoyed learning.” Many students have their dream colleges and try their best in school. They study for hours on end in order to pass tests to achieve their dream of being the best. Denise Maravilla, a junior, 4.0 GPA, and National Honor Society Member, said, “Students should not study more than 3 hours for a test and should find the most effective method for them.” Students stress over tests so much, it causes them to get nervous and forget, leading them to failure, but if done right, test scores can take people to amazing places and lead them to success.