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ISSUES TO BE SOLVED-MACES student, Steven Hernandez, sends a letter to the new president on the topic of climate change.”Climate change is destroying the earth and we are fueling it, we need your help to stop it from getting worse.”

Steven Hernandez, News Editor

Steven Hernandez is a senior attending Maywood Center for Enriched Studies. He has a passion for gaming and likes to travel places. Steven Hernandez is the news editor for the Wolfpack Times and works as a mechanic. He planned on becoming a mechanical engineer and a doctor to help the world become cleaner and environmentally friendly but he now wants to become a chef and learn different types of cooking.

He is a humorous person and some would say his laugh makes others laugh. He was a former basketball player and is an athletic person. He is a caring person that makes time for everyone such as his pets and in his off time likes to reward himself with a couple of hours of playing time with his friends. He is an honest person and will always be straightforward with you. It may be harsh sometimes but he just wants to be honest and not sugarcoat anything. He can be goofy in certain scenarios but when it comes to work he is very serious and mature about it and focuses on his work at hand.

Steven can be a great listener when you need him to if you are going through something he will help in any way possible. He can also take the role of a leader if he is in his comfort zone and help his team excel in the challenge in front of him. He might fail at some points but will never give up and will try to get it right. He can be indecisive at some points but he just wants to leave a mark on his community and help make the world a better place. He has competed in the CSUN journalism event and plans on attending more events.

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