Online Learning: Beneficial or Problematic?


Steven Hernandez

LOGGING INTO CLASS- With quarantine still going on students head into a digital school year, but students are beginning to experience some struggles from online learning. Issues have come up such as login problems, zoom crashes, and even websites crashing. “Online classes can be a struggle because my internet can randomly go out and I can lose an important part of the lessons,” Paulux Carrillo, a senior, said.

Steven Hernandez, News Editor

The new school year has begun and students are adjusting to this new style of learning. Last semester, students experienced online learning but this year it has some minor changes.


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Schedules have changed so classes begin at 9 a.m. and end at 2:15 p.m. Although this gives students six hours of class time, some believe it’s not enough time. “Math is the most difficult subject for me because the teachers don’t have enough time for the lesson, making it rushed, confusing me even more,” Christopher Ascencio, a senior, said. Sometimes, students who need assistance can’t get help because teachers are trying to maintain their schedules and effectively use their time. If students don’t understand the curriculum they’re being taught, the confusion they experience could lead to stress, therefore lowering scores on tests. 

For those who have distractions at home and have difficulty learning, online learning may also be difficult. “Everywhere in my home there is noise, and my brother takes online classes too and when I talk in class, it distracts him, and he gets angry with me causing me to lose focus on my classwork,” Kimberly Sanchez, a sophomore, said. Some students may have a good working environment, but it doesn’t apply to all. Because some students may experience technical issues with their Chromebook, tablet, or portable Wifi, it negatively impacts them and their abilities to learn. 

Each and every student has different ways of working whether it being in person or working with a partner online. “I think online learning is helpful sometimes because it allows students like me to slow down the pace of learning to gain a better understanding but it could also lead to procrastination,” Paulux Carrillo, a senior, said. Students can benefit from online learning by slowing down lessons, but they must keep up with the work to avoid negatively affecting their grades in the future. Online learning can be a tool to help students but can also lead to more issues.