Thanksgiving Should be Held with Precautions


Johnathan Cordero

THANKSGIVING DONE DIFFERENTLY- Holidays are going to look different this year due to COVID-19. However families are adjusting by following safety guidelines to have a safe Thanksgiving. “We will have a few changes this year to protect our loved ones but other than that we’ll have a safe and happy Thanksgiving,” Damian Munoz, a senior, said.

Steven Hernandez, News Editor

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, November is now labeled the worst month of the pandemic. Now many families are questioning whether or not they should host Thanksgiving or travel for the holiday.

This year Thanksgiving will look different because some families will be moving their celebration from indoors to outside. According to, they recommend to limit the amount of people attending the event and to limit those around the food preparation area. ¨We’ll be having our Thanksgiving indoors but have all the windows open for air circulation and have hand sanitizer for everyone,” Carlos Diaz, a senior, said. People are taking precautions to ensure the safety of themselves and of those they care about to prevent more COVID-19 cases.

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Many governors are telling the citizens to stay home this Thanksgiving to help prevent a rise in cases and citizens are unsure if they should listen. “I do have mixed emotions about it because it is a risk to not just me but others who are around my family,” Noah Anderson, a senior, said. Many have decided to only spend Thanksgiving with those who already live in their home. Citizens are also frightened that Thanksgiving may cause another complete lockdown and make it more difficult to live.

“We are going to wear a mask, self-quarantine two weeks prior to the event and stay six feet apart while wearing a mask this Thanksgiving,” an anonymous mother said. Parents are going out of their way to have a great and safe Thanksgiving for their families this year. 

However,  many people ignore the guidelines, because they are used to quarantining for eight months, so they’re getting too comfortable and won’t be as careful as when the pandemic first was announced. This can cause the nation even more problems because it might massively increase the amount of cases there are.