The Worries of New Student Drivers


Jaromír Kavan

THE IMPORTANCE OF DRIVING- For many students, learning how to drive provides a sense of ease by knowing they have the means to travel to school or work. “Having a driver license will also be an asset for me so I can commute back and forth between work, college and whatever place I decide to move into,” a senior, Adan Barrera, said. (Photo by Jaromír Kavan)

Steven Hernandez, News Editor

As students get older and head off to college, they begin to realize the importance of driving. Driving is an important skill students should know but comes with more responsibilities such as insurance, car maintenance, and gas. It is necessary for everyday life, but some students worry about learning how to be a responsible driver on the roads.

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“I think teenagers should start learning to drive at age 16 or 17. I feel like starting to learn early will help them become more independent,” Caesar Chacon, a senior, said. Students who begin at an early age have a higher chance of passing their driving test on their first try. According to, this gives the student an advantage over other students because they gain experience and knowledge of the roads. It also gives them freedom; they don’t have to ask others to drive them places.


Some students have worries about whether they can drive safely on the road. They fear getting in an accident and having to pay for the repairs. “Well some worries I had were my blind spot and me hitting something,” Carlos Diaz, a senior, said. Some students get anxious when first driving because they are afraid to run into someone or fear losing focus on the road. However, there are many driving courses like that students can take to improve their driving skills and increase confidence on the road. Resources such as these allow individuals to take unlimited tests to perfect their driving.

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Rather than waiting on public transportation, driving can save student’s time and make them feel in control. “It is important to learn how to drive nowadays because although there is public transportation sometimes you’ll feel more comfortable in your car. Especially when you want to get to a place on time if you miss the bus, you have to wait a while for the next one to pass by with your car you are held more accountable for your actions and it helps learn responsibility,” Kimberly Sanchez, a sophomore, said.

Students that learn how to drive early have more opportunities to apply to distant jobs. Additionally, driving also helps students and families because, if someone is injured, they can drive them to a hospital or easily pick up medications.