Vaccinated Students Try to Put a Stop to the Pandemic


Kiana Tapia

STUDENT VACCINATIONS- Many students who have gotten vaccinated highly recommend for others to do so as well. “It’s better to get vaccinated now because with a simple vaccine you are saving so many lives, including your own.” Kate De La Torre, a senior, said.

Kiana Tapia, Editorial Editor

The concern of many parents today is how each individual person will react to the vaccine. With two vaccines available to the public, students are now eligible to get vaccinated. 

Parents are worried as to whether they should allow their children to get vaccinated. Students over the age of 16  are eligible for the Pfizer vaccine and students older than 18 are eligible for the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine, according to public The majority of vaccinated students have recommended for others to do so, as well for the better of their communities. As there are more available vaccines, many students have started to decide to get vaccinated to help put a stop to the worldwide pandemic.

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The reason for many teens to get vaccinated is to prevent those around them from getting sick, help stop the spread of this deadly virus, and to be able to participate in activities in which a COVID vaccination card is required. “Getting vaccinated is about protecting those who are unable to get it. Not getting it is selfish to those who have lost loved ones or have missed out on certain things due to the pandemic,” Destiny Juarez, a reporter for the Wolfpack Times and a senior who is vaccinated, said.

Those living with loved ones who are elderly, or want to be around those they haven’t seen for a year and a half, took the small sacrifice of getting the vaccine to see their loved ones. The reason for Andres Flores, an Editor for the Wolfpack Times and a senior who is also vaccinated said,  “So I have peace of mind for my grandparents who I see every so often.” Nearing the possible end of the pandemic and everything slowly coming back to normal will require a fully vaccinated card for some places and events. Seniors, who are planning to live on campus their first year of college have planned ahead for campus requirements and have started getting their vaccination cards ready. According to, many students support the new vaccination requirement as it is a step closer to returning to normal daily activities.

I just wanted to feel secure

— Destiny Juarez

The biggest worry of the vaccine for parents is their children’s reaction. Although it is expected everyone reacts differently, the majority of the symptoms are common among students who have gotten vaccinated. “My arm was just sore, and then I felt a bit tired the next day,” Kate De La Torre, an editor for the Wolfpack Times and a senior who is vaccinated said. According to the CDC, the more common reactions are body aches, headaches, chills, fever, and nausea. “ [I had] no reaction other than slight swelling on my shoulder,” David Lopez Jr, a reporter for the Wolfpack Times, and a junior who is vaccinated said. 

Although there are many fears about what can occur when getting vaccinated, it is something we can all do to get our ‘normal’ lives back. To better the communities, citizens should continue to keep COVID-19 precautions by washing their hands, keeping a six feet distance, and always wearing a mask, according to