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Kiana Tapia

Kiana Tapia, Editorial Editor

Kiana Tapia is currently the Editorial Editor for the Wolfpack Times. She joined the student newspaper in hopes that she can help spread current news and helpful information not only to the students but to the community as well. This year Kiana is a senior who hopes to graduate doing all the things she loves. The things that she loves being a part of on her school campus is being in the spirited marching band and the helpful Interact club, which she has been a member of both since 2019. Most view the marching band as the group of kids who are the loudest and need everything to have school spirit. But her point of view is a bit more distinct, the group of students and directors have become like a family to her. Kiana believes that the best way to end a hard working week is to be around her friends who are dressed in a marching band uniform, screaming at football players, performing during halftime, and leaving an empty football field behind. Tapia is a future Cali bear, where she will get her bachelorette ́s degree to be a primary school teacher, at the University of Berkeley. Kiana ́s goal after high school is to become a 2nd-grade teacher and help at animal shelters during her free time. You can reach Kiana through her email, [email protected]

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