The World of VSCO Girls


Kiana Tapia, Reporter

The standard visual of a VSCO girl is a girl with a hydro flask, scrunchies, hair clips, and somebody who repeatedly says “and I oopp” and “sksksksk”.

Some may say that this is just a trend that will soon blow over, but others believe that this trend is going to last a season. Honors Biology and Physiology teacher Ms.Navarro and student-athlete Jorge Irepan believe that this is an important trend in today’s society.

 The reason for this is, in today’s world, animals, oceans, and the beautiful earth is slowing dying due to the amount of plastic being thrown into the ocean. This affects the ocean life (fish), which humans consume. If humans eat the fish we ́re consuming all the toxins they are eating which can lead to major health problems. 

These trendsetter VSCO girls show the world on screens such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and the VSCO app their hydro flasks, and their metal straws. Many of these girls buy these items to set the trend, and little do they know they’re spreading awareness about the state of the world. 

The three most common words to describe a VSCO girl is tumblr, basic, and bland.  Irepan and Zictlaly Pelayo, also a junior, believe that VSCO girls are ̈entitled to the environment.¨

Entitlement to the environment includes both metal straws and hydro flasks, rather than using plastic items which then end up in the ocean. 

Some may ask,  “what is the reason for these girls to have so many scrunchies?” Sometimes they even have more than two on their wrists. This is a question many have. In the midst of time many may hear,  ́I have another scrunchie, you want to borrow it?̈́ or even the sound of a fallen hydroflask in the middle of class, the lunch line, or even the line to enter the restroom.

 Behind the scenes bullying can occur for being a VSCO. Bullying can be caused by people who find this trend annoying  or unnecessary. “At time it can get a bit excessive,” said Irepan. An example of when a VSCO girl can get excessive is when they are making their famous tik-tok videos in front of others. 

Navarro is an adult here on campus identified as a VSCO. Edwin Meza, identifies Navarro as a ¨VSCO woman. ̈ Honors Physiology and Biology teacher owns a hydro flask, scrunchies (five to be exact), a fjallraven backpack, and has a paid membership for the VSCO app. VSCO girls are known to wear Van slip ons, and crocs. Navarro has never owned a pair of vans and she disowned a pair of crocs. “I actually have a metal straw, that way I can save the turtles,” said Navarro.