A Senior Year Unimagined


Kiana Tapia

A SENIOR YEAR UNIMAGINED- The Class of 2021 had an unimaginable year in which staying motivated was a challenge. If more in-person events were to have been planned, seniors may have been more motivated for school. “For seniors it’s all about time stamps, like class t-shirts, and prom,” Christopher Ascencio, a senior, said.

Kiana Tapia, Editorial Editor

The year that the majority of students look forward to is their SENIOR year. The last year of their secondary education is supposed to be the most fun, filled with memories, and most importantly has graduation. The Class of 2021 has had a year some would say is very unique. 

The events that many look forward to from senior sunrise, class t-shirts, prom, and most eagerly anticipated, graduation. The seniors at MACES along with other students didn’t receive the school year they imagined.  

Although activities were limited due to COVID-19 regulations, seniors were still expecting a few socially distanced activities such as receiving a class t-shirt; a memento that would take them back to this very moment and remind them of their peers. “I’m actually really disappointed we didn’t get that, out of everything, they [the school] could’ve at least tried harder for us to get our class shirt,” Emily Castaneda, a senior, said. Out of all events, receiving class shirts is an event where COVID-19 regulations wouldn’t have had to be applied. Graduating seniors hoped to have a class shirt like the Class of 2019 and 2020.

Considering social distancing, another event that would have occurred was a movie night. The first event planned by the Class of 2021 club was a movie night at Maywood Park in which seniors were able to attend with their families and friends. Everyone was to be in their personal cohort inside of their car. This was the first event, in over a year, where seniors would be able to share a memory with their friends even if they only saw each other from their own cars. Once the event was initiated with a Google form, sent to the Class of 2021 Schoology group, it was never talked about again, not even to advise seniors that the event wasn’t going to be taking place. “I was looking forward to movie night,” Lorenzo Teran, a senior, said. 

Senior year lacked in what was supposed to be our highlighted year

— Reggie Santana

Many graduating seniors have felt as if their accomplishments aren’t acknowledged enough, leaving many hopeless and unmotivated throughout the year. “It could have been better by making us feel more appreciated,” Jesus Aguirre, a senior, said. Not being able to socialize with classmates or campus staff, many seniors have felt discouraged, to the point where some stopped doing their work completely. “If we had more [frequently] occurring events, it would have kept me doing things that were required to do activities, allowing me to have something to look forward to,” Damian Munoz, a senior, said. If more in-person activities were to have been planned, keeping COVID-19 regulations, the motivation and enthusiasm for seniors could have increased drastically. 

The most memorable event of the year for seniors is prom. One night you get to be Cinderella and Prince Charming with long ball gowns and elegant tuxedos. According to abc.com,  certain states like Ohio, New York, and Texas decided to have a prom for their 2021 graduates as many of them are vaccinated, have gotten COVID-19 tested, face masks are required, and a space big enough for everyone to have a personal area is provided. As this is an event in which many students have waited 12 long years, students would have made sure to complete all protocols, as long as they were able to attend the event. “I believe that we could’ve had a prom and students would have been safe by following the rules and getting COVID-19 tested. If there would have been a prom I would’ve kept precautions,” Sonia Castro, a senior, said.

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Although seniors weren’t able to have the year they imagined, they will be able to attend their most celebrated event: an in-person graduation including two tickets for guests. For those who didn’t attend hybrid-learning, this will be the first event in which they see their entire class celebrated. Seniors had a rough year, but it is rapidly coming to the light, as they will soon be walking across the stage, looking at their entire Wolfpack Familia.