Concept of art


Sherlyn Pulido

SLOWLY BLOOMING – One out of the many talented young artists here at MACES talks about the artwork piece she’s most proud of. “In some ways, I like to think that we are all slowly blooming since most of us haven’t found the truest version of ourselves yet. It’s inspired me to paint a version of someone who is slowly but surely getting there,” Ana De Paz said.

Sherlyn Pulido, News Editor

Although the definition usually differs, art is a creation that allows the interpretation and expression of emotions. It can be used and interpreted in many different ways. Many others even use art as an escape from reality and life itself. That’s what makes art so interesting, being able to see how others analyze and their thought process throughout.

Life can be very challenging, taking shocking twists and turns in moments most unexpected. A great example of this would be COVID, as well as the ongoing pandemic. Many people use art as a way of escaping from hard times like these. “I like to think of art as my getaway. Similar to how authors use their books to get away from reality, I use my art,” said Ana De Paz, a junior and member of the Roots and Shoots Club.

What’s another way in which art can be impactful? While others may find art as something unsubstantial, many students seem to look at it as a way of communication. “What inspires me is the fact that art is a way for me to communicate or express a certain feeling. Like, I have a hard time expressing my feelings or emotions through words. I am much better at expressing my words through art,” said Perla Verdin, a senior who is also a member of the Roots and Shoots Club.

Although art may not seem as intriguing to many at first, it’s encouraged to make an effort. The outcome is never known until others put themselves out there. “Give it a try! I have so many students who have discovered their ability once they have taken an art class. It’s like you don’t know unless you try it. The arts are so important in many ways, so I encourage all students to find their creative outlet. Art can really enhance our lives and besides, it’s a lot of fun,” said Ms. Cruz, who is currently teaching Intro Art as well as Drawing.

As well as aiding as an outlet from reality and being seen by many as a way of communication, drawing seems to have many other benefits that are quite useful. “Drawing has many benefits, in that first of all, it is very relaxing and relieves a lot of stress. It makes you stay present and in the moment, which is so important for mental health. Drawing is very meditative and I notice that the more I do it, the better I feel. Finding a creative outlet greatly reduces the stress of daily life for sure,” Ms. Cruz said.

So far, the MACES art classes and programs have been prominent; the hallways on the first floor are filled with wonderful artworks created by the talented artists attending the school. Many might have thought this would be the peak point for the art program, but there’s still so much more in stock. “Ms. Cruz and I are excited to continue to grow the MACES art program. We’re interested in doing a Cartooning/Animation class in the future…” said Ms. Hanson, who is currently teaching 6th-grade art, AP 2D Art, AP Drawing, and several Design classes.

As the art program continues to grow, teachers encourage students to speak their minds regarding art classes they’d like to see in time to come. “If there are specific types of art classes students would like to see in the future, I encourage them to contact me on Schoology and let me know! We will do our best to increase courses offerings that appeal to all MACES artists, from beginners to more experienced students,” Ms. Hanson said.