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Sherlyn Pulido

Sherlyn Pulido, News Editor

Sherlyn Pulido is currently the News Editor for the Wolfpack Times at Maywood Center for Enriched Studies (MACES). In her spare time, she enjoys writing about her day-to-day experiences. She feels this helps her reflect and think about what she could do better the next day. She also finds watching movies with her family and friends enjoyable. A few of her favorite movie genres are science fiction, horror, comedy, and action. Lastly, music takes a big part in Sherlyn’s life, as she listens to it almost every day. A few of her favorite music genres are dance-pop, indie pop, indie rock, modern alternative rock, and bedroom pop. While in Wolfpack Times, Sherlyn aims to show that she can write outstanding stories and provide MACES students and staff with punctual and accurate news.

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