Food Distributions

Roots and Shoots members lend a helpful hand


Sherlyn Pulido

“Since the pandemic, I noticed that we regularly receive frequent citizens to pick up food. Many of these people have grown deeply reliant on these regular distributions, so it’s important to continue announcing and volunteering to these events,” said Joanna Bonilla.

Sherlyn Pulido, News Editor

Ever since COVID first began, there seems to have been a remarkable surge in demand for free food. However, this issue has a solution; free food distributions. Free food distributions can be found in nearly every community. Not to mention, many believe they’re a great way to give back to those who have been the most economically affected throughout the pandemic.

The Roots and Shoots Club has volunteered to participate in a few food distributions taking place around the community of Maywood. MACES senior, Joanna Bonilla, who is in charge of managing these upcoming events has recently released the time, date, and place. “Food distributions take place every month at United Steelworkers Maywood hall. They happen every last Tuesday of the month from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. If not Maywood, we also volunteer throughout LA to distribute foods and essential goods in most communities,” Bonilla, who is the Roots and Shoots President, a member of Wrestling, and is a part of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) said.

The food that is given to the community usually depends on the time of year the food distributions are taking place. “Most often we distribute canned goods, fruits and vegetables, perishable goods, diapers, hygiene products, etc. During holiday seasons, we’ll gain a large amount of supply of goods to give out. For example, on Thanksgiving we distribute 100 turkeys, hams, pumpkin pies, champagne, etc,” said Bonilla.

As for the quantity and variety of the food being given, it seems there’s more than enough to get through a whole day. “These foods can be enjoyed as any meal. There’s a snack for all sections, so citizens don’t have to favor one food over another. They are given a variety of foods for all meals,” said Bonilla.

While others may think of these events as something unsubstantial, many students seem to look at them in a more complex manner. “Food distributions are something that helps communities and brings them together. I think they’re something very cool to have because it is a very helpful event. An event that actually takes action in helping others,” said Ana De Paz, a junior and member of the Roots and Shoots Club.

Although not everyone benefits from these events, it still seems to bring a feeling of enjoyment to those around them. “I don’t benefit from this but rather have a sense of relief that others get to have food that they may have not had in the past. I also hope in the future there are more of these distributions so that many more people can provide for themselves through the community,” said Kassandra Valadez, a junior who is both the President of Anime Club and a Roots and Shoots member.

The Roots and Shoots Club has done a lot for the school, as well as the community around it. “As club president, I really recommend MACES students to check out the Roots and Shoots Club. Every month we complete a community project related to humanitarian issues, and throughout the month I introduce any volunteer opportunities to the club, that are most often food distributions. I want kids to know that the few hours they give to volunteer can mean ending someone’s hunger,” said Bonilla. If interested, students can find them in Mrs. Martinez’s room 3-303, where they have meetings every Friday during lunch.