Girls’ Golf Team Tees off for its First Year


Luis Tapias, Reporter

 Whenever people think of sports golf is typically not one of the sports that people talk about. This year, golf is one of the new sports that has been introduced. The golf team is composed of seven girls. They play during the fall, and they recently had their first game where they ranked second place. 

This is a great start for a new team, especially if some of their members are playing for the first time. This is the case of Karla Cruz, a freshman on the Girl’s Golf team, who said, “I have no experience and the reason why I joined was because of the coach.”

 One might wonder what goes through the mind of a golfer who is not experienced. Cruz says, “it’s simple as long as I stay focused on where I want the ball to go.” 

Mr.Nunez, coach for the Girls’ Golf Team, is an eighth-grade science teacher who is self-taught. He became acquainted with the sport when Mr. Duran asked him to be the coach for the golf team.

 Nunez admits that there is room for “some improvements such as being more consistent with their chipping, putting, and obtaining longer distances.”

Considering that the Girls’ Golf team is new, it is important to survey how the school body perceives the team. Since golf is not one of the most common sports in high school, not many are likely aware of their performance. For instance, Carlos Chon, a junior, said, “it  is definitely an interesting sport to play but that not many will be interested in watching.” Golf can be seen as boring by some, interesting by others or a meme by some students. 

The Girls’ Golf team is a brand new sport that was introduced this year. The Girls’ Golf team already played their first game and ended with an astonishing second place out of all of the teams that were competing for the first place title. 

On the other hand,  Ms. Navarro “believes that the sport gives our school a more well-rounded image making it more diverse.” She also gives credit to Nunez who was able to put this all together in such a short period of time. 

Overall, it is evident that golf is not one of the most common sports in high school but the fact that the school does include it as one of its sports, it provides students with the opportunity to experience something new.