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Luis Tapias

Luis Tapias, Reporter

My name is Luis Tapias and I am a junior at Maywood Center for Enriched Studies. I am a reporter for the Wolf Pack Times, yes I may be a rookie but I am always craving to learn more about any story that I am doing. As a little kid attended Hope Street Elementary school and then transferred to Miles Ave. Elementary school when I was in first grade.. Throughout school, I’ve received good grades. As a junior, I currently have a GPA of  3.7. I have taken AP and honors classes.

Around the age of 8, I began to play soccer. During my first year, I was invited to play with the all-star team. I went to practice twice a week with my team and then I also got trained by my uncles and my dad. They taught me how to be a goalie, how to defend, and how to play strategically. I continued to play and have attended a few tournaments. We won one when I was twelve and have made it to finals multiple times. I still play soccer. I played varsity during my first year at M.A.C.E.S. and I continue to play outside with a team of players who go to Marquez and Bravo.

 Besides soccer, I also have a passion for learning as I am always thriving to learn more about anything that I am doing. I am always thinking of new ideas.

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