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Andres Flores

Andres Flores, Features Editor

Andres J. Flores a new multimedia editor for the Wolfpack Times, who is in their Junior year at Maywood Center for Enriched Studies. He is the main host of a podcast called “Audacity with Andres Flores” uploaded on Fridays wherever you get your podcast. He also works as the publisher/handyman for Ma.C.E.S Interact. A rookie reporter with a craving for information and important news.  A varsity volleyball player number 13, whose position is the coach needs him to be. Can be contacted @andadress on Instagram. Constantly seeking new information, useful and not, mostly the latter. In a constant state of thinking, to one's detriment and to one’s understanding. He is a very calm and focused person when it comes to anything he is passionate about. He is a very helpful person helping his fellow editors with anything they need from making the layout for the page or giving them some ideas. 

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A DIFFERENT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP-As the one year mark of living with Covid-19 comes near, Valentines Day is coming to pass. The question has to be asked, how have students and their relationships been affected by the pandemic? “Normally a relationship is like hanging out with your close friend all the time. However now it’s sanitizing your hands and keeping your distance ...” Victor Moreneo, a senior, said.

Risky Relationships

Andres Flores, Features Editor
February 14, 2021
A DAY IN THE LIFE OF DIGITAL LEARNING-  Students all across the nation are stuck at home during the pandemic. Distance learning has led to increased levels of burnout from students. I have felt burned out, normally right after my last class, Hector Cardenas said.

Digital burnout

Andres Flores, Features editor
October 22, 2020
THE START OF A PASSION- Seven years ago Heber Marquez volunteered to help teach impoverished kids in Sierra Leone. This experience changed his life forever. “Ever since then I fell in love with helping people again,” Heber said.

Heber Marquez is “Mr. Maywood”

Andres Flores, Features Editor
October 16, 2020
Empty stands and no fans.

Empty stands and no fans.

Andres Flores, Multimedia Editor
March 14, 2020
Audition Time:  MACES students audition for the 3rd annual talent show.

March Madness

Andres Flores, Multi-Media Editor
February 13, 2020

Artistic Asset

Andres Flores, MultiMedia Editor
December 20, 2019
The  “green” and blue drumline

The “green” and blue drumline

Andres Flores, MultiMedia Editor
September 26, 2019
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