MACES Coaches’ take on the 2021 athletic season


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Andres Flores, Features Editor

As things slowly return to normal, athletes take back the field while coaches pick up their clipboards and carefully navigate a sports season like no other in history. 

The pandemic has changed athletic seasons, timelines, and practices. Teams are now being jumbled together in both athletic season and practice space. However, despite the challenges of staying safe, everyone is making do with the opportunity given. 

“It’s challenging. Lots of protocols to follow, but we love the sport, we love to be around each other. So whatever it takes, we will do because it’s important to us,” Cisco Saldana, the varsity football coach, said. A weekly COVID test taken by all members of the team is just one of the many protocols all teams must follow. 

With safety being a top priority, certain aspects of athletics have been cut entirely as they would pose a risk to athlete’s health—the most glaring aspect being the weight room.

“They [baseball team] do need the weight room and speed training though. Hopefully, we get back in there for the next school year,” Michael Benavidez, the baseball coach, said. All teams would benefit from a little time in the weight room, time they won’t be getting this season, time coaches hope will be available next year. 

The total elimination of the weight room goes for all teams and has certainly affected some more than others. “Lifting weights is imperative in any sport, but even more so in football because it’s so physical,” Saldana said. The weight room can boost a team’s performance and the lack of it can clearly be noticed during games but a whole different problem arises this sports season regarding some teams in particular. 

“We have 13 players at most, some teams have twice as many so our players are always tired,” Nancy Spolidoro, an assistant soccer coach, said. Some teams are certainly lighter in numbers this year due to COVID, health concerns, and grade cuts. 

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Regardless of the pandemic’s many obstacles, the coaches and athletes are on campus practicing for the next game, planning for tomorrow, and taking part in a historical season for all.