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Andres Flores
Andres J. Flores a new multimedia editor for the Wolfpack Times, who is in their Junior year at Maywood Center for Enriched Studies. He is the main host of a podcast called “Audacity with Andres Flores” uploaded on Fridays wherever you get your podcast. He also works as the publisher/handyman for Ma.C.E.S Interact. A rookie reporter with a craving for information and important news.  A varsity volleyball player number 13, whose position is the coach needs him to be. Can be contacted @andadress on Instagram. Constantly seeking new information, useful and not, mostly the latter. In a constant state of thinking, to one's detriment and to one’s understanding. He is a very calm and focused person when it comes to anything he is passionate about. He is a very helpful person helping his fellow editors with anything they need from making the layout for the page or giving them some ideas. 

Andres Flores, Features Editor

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