The “green” and blue drumline


Andres Flores, MultiMedia Editor

“JOIN, we still have openings,” enthusiastically stated by Ms. Rincon, regarding drumline, a new addition to the MACES family. Drumline can be seen performing at football games, adding a new flare to school spirit. The program may be new, but many are enthusiastic about its future progression and performances. 

“Drumline is fun, and you don’t have to be a pro to join. You just have to put the work in and want to play,” Angel Ceja, a senior, said. Being in its infancy there is no prestige and there is no real history regarding the program, allowing for newcomers to join without much worry. New talent is always welcome, especially since the program still has room for members.

 This gives drumline an opportunity to make themselves as talented as they can possibly conceive, with no barriers or limits put on them by history and tradition. But right now the line looks quite green, but with a band director as enthusiastic as Ms. Rincon there’s a good chance to have a spectacular drumline. 

With a program of only six weeks, the drumline truly is composed of newbies. “We’re a new program, but they’ve come a long way in only six weeks, we have the potential to have a great program,” Rincon said. A statement filled with the spirit of the new school on the block: no history, no expectations, and no limitations. With that spirit embedded into the program, it will no doubt be the best that it can possibly be. These plans of prestige may seem intimidating, yet those in drumline seem to really enjoy being a part of it. 

“I joined to just have something to do, but I really enjoy it more than I thought I would,” honestly put by Aisha Barragan a member of the bass drum section. Drumline has this appeal no matter how new it is, it builds a community as if one is a part of something bigger. 

“We will definitely compete, we must just need to be eligible,” said Rincon. In order for drumline to be eligible to compete a requirement is a certain rank, much like sports. 

A D1 school will not play a D5 and, if the rank is low, then drumline will not perform at a big competition. “We will go to a competition and have an exposition to gain feedback and publicity,” Rincon said. The goal is to be eligible for competition, so the pressure is on. But in the end, “You will never be perfect in music, literally never,” Rincon said.