Artistic Asset

Andres Flores, MultiMedia Editor

The artworld is usually not something that normal people experience. It’s something so far away from the public eye, that it seems almost impossible to grasp. The only people in that world are artists, buyers, curators, etc.  “The art world is weird, but it’s fun,” Kate De La Torre, a junior and a multimedia editor for the Wolfpack Times said. Who better to give insight into the art world than, De La Torre, a fellow for the Agency of Assets?

The Agency of Assets is a fellowship program hosted by the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles [ ICA LA], that introduces youth to the art world. In a nutshell, it is a program where established members of the art world guide and teach youth about a career in the arts. 

For those interested in the program, the best way to access information would be the Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles’ website: The program consists of three phases, starting off with an exploration of art where fellows would look at different art pieces and styles. Phase one is followed by a paid internship where fellows would work at an art gallery, just like a nine to five job. The final phase consists of fellows assisting an artist with an art project, which results in an exhibition of fellows artwork along with that of the artist who was assisted.

The program also provides fellows with an opportunity where working artists speak with them and give advice on the industry. “For the most part, they gave us financial advice and tips on making connections in the industry,” De La Torre said. The artworld is a very hard industry to try to get a break-in, meaning that it is very hard to make a living in the art world. Not impossible, but it’s commonly known as a difficult industry, which is why there is the term: starving artist. Yet the passion for art is a very powerful thing, that can influence and even change lives. 

“I never knew what I wanted to do, but now I really want to pursue a career in art,” De La Torre said. Kate was never really invested in her art;  it was something she did on the side. After the fellowship, it changed her perspective and maybe even her path in life. The fellowship ends with an art exhibition, one where the fellows have their art displayed along with that of the artist who was helped. An exhibition that began on December 6  and ends January 26, 2020, the ICA LA will be hosting the Agency of Assets culminating exhibition which also will be displaying De La Torre’s work.