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Bruno Bustamante

Bruno Bustamante, Online Editor

Bruno Bustamante is an Online Editor for the Wolfpack Times Newspaper at MACES. He is in his senior year in high school. He runs cross country for the school ́s team and received a medal for 15th place in their division 2 years ago. He loves to play video games, in specific his favorite game is NBA 2k20, as he loves to watch NBA. The Phoenix Suns are his favorite team, though they are not good. This year he enjoyed watching the Phoenix Suns in the NBA Bubble.  He likes watching superhero movies, specifically the Marvel Franchise, his favorite movie of all time is Endgame because it symbolizes the end of the Infinity Saga. A passion besides any school activity he has would be making music. He likes to compose and rap songs. He is a beginner in the music industry as of now but hopes to improve as he goes. He likes playing basketball with his friends after school, though he is not that good at it. He currently is advanced in 2 languages, those being Spanish and English. As of today, he has completed his 2nd year of French. Another of his favorite past-times is making memes, he has a meme page on Instagram @brunosmemevault. His favorite memes to make are memes about his friend the Arts and Entertainment Editor, Enrique Galeana.

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