Wolfpack Times’ First Check


Bruno Bustamante, Online Editor

Throughout the past weeks our advisor Mr. Cottom set up a day for us to go outside near the local shops and businesses of Maywood in hopes to gain advertising for the newspaper. We paired up in groups of 3. My group being Enrique (left), Gustavo (right), and I (middle). We decided to stop at a business near El Pollo Loco named Costa Del Sol Pupuseria. Here is where we met Harry. Harry is the owner of the Costa Del Sol, he told us to sit down. We sat down. He asked us questions any smart advertiser would like answered; How many monthly readers do you get? and How do you think you can help my business? We told him the monthly readers we get and we explained that we could increase profits by bringing in students to eat. This is where he explained to us the side of the businessman. He explained to us that the students at our school aren’t the regular demographic that attend his restaurant. He also said he would be “surprised” if he gets 1 new customer from the advertisement. This is where me and my peers were thinking we weren’t getting advertised. He then told us that he was going to do it to help back the community. He believes him helping us today can open up doors for the future. He believes this will encourage us to keep trying in the journalism field. He believes we will then remember what he did for us during our high school journalism days and want to help out the community as well. Support Local Businesses