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Enrique Galeana

Enrique Galeana, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Enrique Galeana Flores is a Senior and the Arts and Entertainment editor for the Wolfpack Times. Enrique took up the job of an Arts and Entertainment editor because it was just another task for him to conquer and another opportunity to show the extent of his capabilities. In taking up the position he hopes to be able to read about all the activities that go around Maces and gain more experience as to what it takes to be both a better writer and editor. Enrique values natural talent but believes practice and hard work are the way to success and because of that he chose to join journalism. He wants to practice writing as well as reading, although not his favorite subject he doesn’t want to linger behind when it comes to ability. Enrique enjoys playing sports because he enjoys physical activity and competition as well as interacting with other people. Enrique’s favorite activity to pass time is jogging or walking because it allows him to clear his mind and think things through. He has great admiration for his friends because there is always something to learn and he believes he can learn a lot from those he hangs around with. Enrique takes pride in anything he does so he always puts in his best effort into any task and granted his ego does at times get the better of him but taking constructive criticism is always something he looks forward to. His lack of patience does come in handy when he wants to improve as fast as possible. You can reach him at @oh_my_galeana on Instagram or email him at [email protected]


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