YouTube is for Everyone


Enrique Galeana, Arts & Entertainment Editor

YouTube is known as a simple site, and it is no secret the platform provides both entertainment and information to everyone; students claim it is not the same as television. Many people enjoy watching videos because it provides a variety of content for a variety of people. Not only is YouTube the second most popular social media platform, but it also holds second in search engines after its parent company, Google

 “At some point, you seek some form of entertainment and you go to YouTube, Andrew Herd, a junior, said. Herd claims that the channels provide comedic relief when he wants to take a break. The platform contains videos that anyone can watch whenever they want and that separates it from other viewing platforms that stick to a certain schedule; it isn’t restricted. 

Many channels can also be a site to learn or gain a broader understanding of a topic you don’t fully understand.  “Although YouTube offers entertainment, I usually use it for information. It takes up little of my time,” Andrea Arellano, a junior, said. Arellano enjoys Youtube because it offers more than just comedy. Sure television offers news too, but the site has many different perspectives due to the content creators on the platform. 

With YouTube, a person can get straight to where ever they want claimed Arellano. The channels have the voice of people since the platform is primarily from people for people. Arellano isn’t one to waste her time on pointless tasks and she claimed that she would just take a quick break on YouTube as a reliever. 

YouTube is the best place to obtain gaming news or gaming content in general because all I have to do is search for it,” Maximus Cadena, a junior said. Cadena says that he enjoys watching gaming-related YouTube videos and claimed the personality of the content creators keeps a person coming back. 

The content creators are what makes YouTube interesting because they are the social platform; without them, the site wouldn’t be as popular put Cadena. It doesn’t matter what genre is preferred, there is a YouTuber who posts something relating to that genre. Because the platform contains so much variety, the audience range is very wide. “ I go to my device, type what I want to find, and then I view it. It’s as simple as that,” Cadena said.