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Enrique Galeana
Enrique Galeana Flores is a Junior and the  Arts and Entertainment editor at Maces. Enrique took up the job of an Arts and Entertainment editor because he has always looked up to entertainers for giving people a good time. In taking up the position he is hoping to gain more experience on what people enjoy and what they want to come back and see. He is also a Sergeant at Arms for the Maces Interact Club. He enjoys helping out in the community because he enjoys giving back to others. His idols were always people who put others before themselves. Being selfless is a trait that is important to him because he believes that by being selfless he can make others feel better or at least slightly happier. Enrique believes practice and hard work are the way to success and because of that mentality he chose to join journalism. He wants to practice writing more and become both a better writer and reader. Enrique enjoys playing sports because he enjoys physical activity and competition. Growing up he wanted to be like the athletes that people always rooted for because they seemed to have thrived under pressure. Enrique’s favorite sport is soccer. He grew up watching his father play in soccer games and that made him want to be just like his father. When he isn’t playing sports he is either playing video games or doing homework. Enrique takes pride in anything he does so he always puts in his best effort into any task. You can reach him at @oh_my_galeana on Instagram or email him at [email protected]


Enrique Galeana, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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Enrique Galeana