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HOW FANS RELATE TO STAR WARS - The Star Wars series is filled with entertaining moments, and as entertaining as it may be, one fan takes it to another level. “I also truly believe that there is good in everyone (as shown by Darth Vader), which is how I approach looking at my students and encouraging them to be the best versions of themselves,” Agustin Sarmiento, a computer science teacher, said.
May the 4th: Star Wars Day
David Lopez Jr., Reporter • May 4, 2021

May the 4th is known as Star Wars day. To many people, this day may just be another day on the calendar. But to a large fanbase of Star Wars...

ON WEDNESDAYS, WE WEAR PINK- It is no secret that Hollywood’s coming-of-age movies often negate the stories of BIPOC, queer, and non-disabled teen adolescence. “That’s what blows my mind about Hollywood… they’re still afraid to tackle those issues,” Ms. Perfecto, a chemistry and physics teacher, said.
Dear Hollywood: Please do better
Daniella Hernandez, Editor-in-Chief of Content • April 29, 2021
MOVIE MOTIVATION  - March is Women’s History Month, but with quarantine restrictions, it’s best to celebrate from home. There are many movies about women that can not only inspire, but make one feel seen. “Movies that feature strong women are important because they can inspire and motivate other women to pursue their dreams,” Elissa Ramos, senior, said.
Ten movies that actually empower women
March 23, 2021
National Mario Day
David Lopez Jr., Reporter • March 11, 2021
BLACK HISTORY MONTH APPRECIATION - Pictured above is Ms. Shannon, assistant plant manager at MACES.  Black History Month reminds her of the ancestors who came before her, but most of all, it reminds her of her courageous and humble parents. “Those are the influences in my life because they taught me to love, respect, know from right and wrong, and how to accomplish or get through different situations, the struggling situations...They always taught me to bounce back” Ms. Shannon said.
The Importance of Black History Month at MACES
David López Jr., Reporter • February 17, 2021
A BROOKLYN SUPERTEAM- The biggest trade came in the form of Houston’s star shooting guard, James Harden, moving to the Brooklyn Nets.“I think the trade between the Nets and Rockets was pretty surprising. It was cool to see how much the Nets were willing to give for Harden,” Andres Angulo, a sophomore, said.
A New Season In New Circumstances
Bruno Bustamante, Online Editor • February 12, 2021
‘DRIVERS LICENSE’ BECOMES A HIT - People from all around the world are streaming this heartbreak song. “Didn’t really expect it to chart or do anything. I was just so happy with it and so the fact that it’s number one in the world right now is absolutely mind-blowing,” said Olivia Rodrigo.
Olivia Rodrigo: Rising to Stardom
Wendy Caldera, Social Media Editor • February 9, 2021