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  • Dance Recital on May 26 & May 27 from 6-8 pm
SLOWLY BLOOMING - One out of the many talented young artists here at MACES talks about the artwork piece she’s most proud of. “In some ways, I like to think that we are all slowly blooming since most of us haven’t found the truest version of ourselves yet. It’s inspired me to paint a version of someone who is slowly but surely getting there,” Ana De Paz said.
Concept of art
Sherlyn Pulido, News Editor • May 10, 2022

Although the definition usually differs, art is a creation that allows the interpretation and expression of emotions. It can be used and interpreted...

Let Us Get Fortissimo!
Jaime Olguin, Reporter • May 3, 2022
What Goes on in the Dance Room?
What Goes on in the Dance Room?
Yonatzin Zarate, News Editor Assistant • March 9, 2022
Mario Kart- One of the games that members compete in.
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Midnight Train to MACES
Midnight Train to MACES
Mauricio Flores, Photographer Editor • November 3, 2021
Illustration By Joshua Zuniga
Thoughts on Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ MACES Responds...
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