Ms. Shannon: The hidden gem in the Wolf den


Miranda Campos, Arts and Entertainment Assistant Editor

 During quarantine, MACES stayed calm and united. Returning back to campus was scary but in order for everyone to return, amazing staff needed to work hard. Ms. Shannon is a part of the successful custodial team that made it possible for everyone to be in school today. 

Most students know Ms. Shannon from seeing her in the halls and hearing her amazing singing. Although, most do not know how much goes into her job.  While students were in quarantine, she never missed a day of work.“Never did I stop working, it was a blessing too,” said Ms. Shannon. Even with  kids at home, she put her family’s life at risk “to make sure the school is safe for the staff and students.” 

Ms. Shannon works hard to spray surfaces and sanitize restrooms. She says, “there is no easy part to this job.”

Ms.Torres, an English teacher, says, “She doesn’t just keep the physical campus beautiful, she contributes to the positive environment of our school culture.” Ms.Shannon is known as a shining star and a hardworking woman. She never fails to have a smile on her face and to greet everyone with her signature, “Hey baby!”. 

Another teacher, Ms.Cotta, thinks that the students can help make Ms. Shannon’s job easier by cleaning up after themselves “taking ownership of the school”. Teachers and students should recognize that they are back on campus because of the hard work and dedication of the custodial team. Next time students see Ms.Shannon, they should send a smile and let her know that she is a vital staff member to the foundation of the Wolfpack.