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  • September 20Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Bell: 1595

Postal Workers during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Johnathan Cordero, Opinion and Features Editor

June 5, 2020

Pictures of a 2 ton truck, used for delivering mail, packages, and for collection of mail from the blue boxes found on the street.     Covid-19 has caused many establishments and recreational areas to shut down to avoid large gatherings and ensure people ke...

Corona Virus: From my Perspective

Jonathan Cordero, MACES Howler Sports and Features Editor

March 31, 2020

  Covid-19, more prominently known as the CoronaVirus, is causing conflicting emotions in the hearts of people. From anxiety to fear, when will this virus cease to end? Many shelves are unstocked due to many resid...

Boys Basketball:Championship or Bust

Brandon Garcia, Editor in Chief

November 6, 2019

     From not even making it to the playoffs, to making it to the semi-finals last season and losing it all by one point, this 2019-2020 Boys’ Basketball season will “be different now that we have more experience and now...

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