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The media has always played an important role in how people strive to appear, and as it begins to expand to younger audiences more and more, it is also important to begin to display diversity  with body types, race, and sexuality. "....Growing up the beauty standards were being skinny, have no flaws whatsoever and I’m so happy we’re finally getting rid of that beauty standard because realistically, who even looks like that in real life?” Nell Henry, a body-positivity activist, shared.
Social Media's Impact on Self-love
Kate De La Torre, Broadcast Editor • April 6, 2021

It’s pretty clear that social media platforms have an impact on people's self-confidence. Whether that impact is negative or positive really...

Policing women’s bodies is unacceptable
Enrique Galeana, A&E Editor • March 20, 2021
VACCINATION FEAR- As vaccines begin to be administered, some people are deciding to opt-out of receiving it. Some people fear that it will infect them with coronavirus or are afraid of the side effects. However, in order to get out of this pandemic, a large number of the population must get fully vaccinated.“We should look to get rid of these viruses rather than spread them” Mr. Nolasco said.
Vaccines should be made mandatory
Gustavo Morales, Online Editor • March 14, 2021
As children begin to become more exposed to the online world, their safety is put at risk.  “Tech companies are reporting a boom in online photos and videos of children being sexually abused — a record 45 million illegal images were flagged last year alone — exposing a system at a breaking point and unable to keep up with the perpetrators,” according to an article titled, “An Explosion in Online Sex Abuse: What You Need to Know,” published on The New York Times.
The Dangers of the Internet: Online Predators
Kate De La Torre, Broadcast Editor • February 23, 2021
Why Valentine’s Day is Abysmal
Enrique Galeana, A&E Editor • February 14, 2021
FRESH AND LOCAL- Pictured above is Root of Life’s, ‘Viva La Vida Smoothie.’
Food Review: Root of Life
Melissa Ponce, Editor in Chief of Design • February 8, 2021
(Artwork by Wes Hack, @whaackart on Instagram) EXPRESSING INJUSTICE THROUGH ART- Any art form, whether it be painting, drawing, photography, or writing, has the ability to open people’s hearts and minds to whatever is being communicated in the work. “Making activist art means giving a voice to those who have been silenced…” Cat said.
Spreading Awareness through Artistic Expression
Kate De La Torre, Broadcast Editor • January 19, 2021