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  • September 26Digital Citizenship Week October 19th-23rd
  • September 22Friendly reminder to wear a mask and maintain social distancing.
  • September 20Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Bell: 1595
Johnathan Cordero
Johnathan Cordero is a freshman at Maywood Center for Enriched Studies and one of two illustrators for the Wolfpack Times. He is 14 years old and is determined to show that he can write excellent stories and provide Maces students and staff with timely and accurate news. He feels he is qualified for his role and will bring his best effort to the newspaper. He is fiercely concentrated on his studies and academics. However, there is a good balance in life, so on his downtime, he reads, draws, plays basketball, and plays video games. Some of his favorite video games include Minecraft, Call of Duty, Brawl Stars, NBA related games, and Madden NFL. Minecraft is at the top of this list because you can let your creativity soar and there are no limits to what you can build. You can invite friends to build upon your worlds, express yourself through building techniques, or have a casual PVP in other game modes, the possibilities are endless. Although we are currently undergoing a pandemic, I believe we can still provide students and staff with news and will not let this obstacle get in the way of good, quality reporting.


Johnathan Cordero, Illustrator

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