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The Road to Find: Student Art and Social Justice

Kate De La Torre, Broadcast Editor and Illustrator October 31, 2020

George Floyd’s murder in May of 2020 ignited The Black Lives Matter (BLM)  movement once again, encouraging many students to speak out on the injustice the Black community has endured for years due...

POV- You are a crewmate and you have to figure out who the imposter is. Use those detective skills to sniff out the imposter in the video game Among Us.

Game Review: Among Us

Ashley Ramirez, Reporter October 29, 2020

There is an imposter among us—can you find out who it is? The video game Among Us released June 15, 2018 has recently gained popularity. The game is available for mobile download in the apple and google...

GLUED TO THE SCREEN-Tik Tok has been affecting children all over the nation on their physical activities. Students should not have more than 2 hours of entertainment online.

Tik Tok Affecting Students Physical Activity

Ashley Padilla , Photography Editor October 20, 2020

Tik Tok has affected kids during the pandemic and it continues. It's a question a lot of parents have. Will this app continue to drain kids in physical activities?    In the past six months...

A GOAT IN THE BUBBLE- In his 17th year in the league LeBron James has been one of the most impactful players for his team.

Ballin’ in the Bubble

Bruno Bustamante, Online Editor October 8, 2020

For NBA fans, one of the worst days of the year was March 11. This was the day the NBA season came to an abrupt pause due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Well, until July, at least…. Since March, NBA commissioner,...

The Power of Social Media: With the rise of social media usage, students are left with many feelings such as anxiety. As teens navigate from one platform to another, the pressure of looking or acting a certain way is strong. “I don’t like the fact that everywhere you go you find the urge to post it online,” Rodolfo Serrano, a senior, said.

Social media and anxiety: A strong correlation

Wendy Caldera, Social Media Editor October 3, 2020

Social media has become the main source of communication and entertainment for today’s youth-the most popular being Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, and Twitter.  Social media is also crowned as the...

WOMEN ARE POWERFUL! Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, two female rappers, recently released WAP as of August of 2020. The song was met with lots of backlash, especially from men on social media that believed the lyrics were too vulgar. However, there were plenty of women that came back with valid rebuttals. “Men have been singing about sexuality forever… Women are barely exploring their sexuality recently,” Gabriela Rincon, music teacher and band director, said.

WAP: Women are powerful

Daniella Hernandez, Editor in Chief of Content September 26, 2020

Women are constantly being bombarded with gender norms that limit their take on self-expression. In the media especially, it isn’t uncommon to see men parade women like sex objects, but why do female...

The Top Five Video Games to Play During COVID-19

The Top Five Video Games to Play During COVID-19

Bruno Bustamante, Online Editor May 27, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak for most students took away all opportunities to hang out with friends during after school hours. But with the outbreak came new opportunities for a platform that declines when students...

What to Watch While in Quarantine

What to Watch While in Quarantine

Vanity Rivera May 14, 2020

 The Last Dance Watch trailer here Where to watch: TV streaming Service, coming soon to Netflix “The Last Dance” is an ESPN and Netflix 10-part series focusing on the NBA’s 1997-1998...

Travis Scott's Live Astronomical Fortnite Virtual Concert on April 23, 2020.

Travis Scott Fortnite Concert Review An Astronomical Event

Emily Mojica, Managing Editor April 30, 2020

Travis Scott’s long awaited Astronomical Fortnite virtual concert was nothing but a success. Lasting only nine minutes, Scott’s virtual concert set record numbers with millions of views.   Scott’s...

Show to the left Mathew Barajas is reviewing music notes. To the right, Fernandez Lopez is with her violin getting ready for practice.

Practice Leads to Success

Leslie Chang, Reporter April 4, 2020

Mathew Barajas, a junior, and Fernanda Lopez, a sophomore, are two of many talented scholars on campus. Barajas plays the piano and Lopez the violin. Through hard work and challenges, they have been able...

The Holy Trinity of Memes- Featured Image depicts most iconic memes of all time.

The Importance of Memes

Bruno Bustamante, Online Editor April 1, 2020

/mēm/ noun, a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users. Beyond the definition, memes can mean anything to anyone....

Andrea Popoca, eighth-grader, develops her voice and shares stories through photography.

Learning through a new lens

Melissa Ponce, Feature Editor March 31, 2020

And inspiring the next generation of women leaders through the power of photography   Through the lens of photography, eighth-grader, Andrea Popoca, captures amazing moments and shares inspiring...

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