Eliana Perez, Opinion Editor

Students who don’t contribute to their team often should not be allowed playing time, because they aren’t putting in as much effort as their teammates and that’s unfair to everyone else on the team, there should not be any exceptions unless there is a valid reason, coaches and teachers should not be biased and let a person who do not contribute, to stay on the team.


Although many coaches allow various amounts of students on the team so they can feel included, there should be a limit to the number of players who can be on the team so everyone can get their fair share of playing time. A team is all about contribution and consistency that will allow the team to improve as the season progresses. If a student isn’t committed to putting time and effort into the team, they shouldn’t even play. Compared to other students who are consistently showing up to practice and showing that they are passionate about the sport and willing to put time aside for it. 


There should be a certain amount of people let onto a team. Absentee players should not be allowed to play because that not only is a sign of disrespect to the other players, but it can also ruin the team’s chemistry. Some players depend on others to be there for practice so they could work with each other to improve on their skills. At the same time it also falls on the coach whether or not to take further action to resolve this solution. 


The way the players act or what they do during practice should also determine their playing time, it is one thing to show up everyday and do nothing and it is another to show up everyday and actually put in the work. Many also like to take advantage of the perks of being in a team such as getting out of school early, players with intentions such as those should not be able to be in any team.