College Athletes Getting Paid?

Jose Quinones, Reporter

Debt. This is a familiar term to these ‘Student-Athletes’. “They get paid to play,” some might say. However, this is just not the truth. Many of these athletes feel as if most of these big-name schools prioritize money and power over them.

“They are too busy in practice and could not have any spare time to get a job on the side,” Oscar Sanchez, a sophomore, said. This might be true and this is where the dilemma is brought to attention.”In order to preserve the character and quality of the ‘product’, athletes must not be paid,” according to Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

Many people do not agree with this ruling and the advantage of being college students would be that it could encourage healthier college students. It could also provide another incentive to play. This, however, leads to a new question.

Should college athletes be paid more than those who do not participate in any?” Yes, they work hard to be on a team,” Sanchez said.

Even with all of the support behind College athletes getting paid, could there be any disadvantages?” One argument that can be made is that they are called ‘student-athletes and not ‘professionals’ for a reason.

If they were to be paid, this would ultimately eliminate the line between professional and college leagues. “They should get paid because some college athletes will become professionals and some are even better than a lot of the ‘pros’,” Sanchez said.

The discussion and movement of trying to get these college athletes paid has advanced since the idea was first introduced back in the 90s. Next time fans watch a college sports game they should think about the commitment these players are putting into it all to not get paid at all.